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Sonic the Hedgehog in Equestria 12
Twilight's Library
Shadow:  *Yawn* I hate that Hedgehog. (That Hedgehog is Sonic)
Twilight: Oh...Good Morning Shadow!
Shadow: hi twilight...
Twilight: I made breakfast for you -blush-
Shadow: thanks...Something wrong??
Twilight: oh no I'm fine...
Shadow: //...???...// Meh.

Sweet Apple Acres
Knuckles: Sup' A.J.
Applejack: Howdy Partner!
Ready for some Morning work?
Knuckles: Do I get Money after that?
Applejack: T_T '
Knuckles: Just Joking around
Granny Smith: huh eh?! H-Hey! Knuckles,Applejack you need to have some of mah
apple pie to regain your strength!
Knuckles: That's Ok -gets bucked by A.J.-
I mean Sure.
Applejack: you know Breakfast is the most important meal
of the day.
Knuckles: Right! ^_^ '

Fluttershy's Cottage
Cream: G-Good Morning Miss Fluttershy
Fluttershy: H-Hi
Cream & Fluttershy: ... -laugh-
Cheese: Chao Chao!
Fluttershy: awe. Your Pet is adorable!
C ream: Thank you Miss Fluttershy!
Fluttershy:  Where did you get him?
Cream: I got him back in my world. My Mama gave it to me when I was 2 years old.
Fluttershy: I wish I had a pet like that
Cream: You should -chuckle-
Tails: Hi Cream Hi Fluttershy!
Cream & Fluttershy: Tails!
Cheese: Chao Chao!
Tails: I was just working on my Battle suit. I want to know if there is a  
Hardware Store
Fluttershy: Y-Yes  Tails Its in Ponyville
Few Blocks Away from the Entrance.
Tails: Thanks Fluttershy!
Sonic: Cmon' Charizard Knock em'out!
Rainbow Dash: Watcha' playing?
Sonic: Oh this? Pokemon  duuh..
Rainbow Dash: Cool
Sonic: You haven't  played it yet...
Rainbow Dash: uhh whatever...
Sonic: -turns of Gameboy- Ready for a game of Tag?
Rainbow Dash: You Bet!
Sonic: Alright GO You're it!
Rainbow Dash: Oh no I'm not!
Old Pegasus Mare: Hey! Watch it!
Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Sorry!
Sonic: Time to make  a U-Turn!
Rainbow Dash: Hey no fai- Ooof!
???: Where do you think you're going? Rainbow Crash! Hahahahha!
Rainbow Dash: Go away Dumb-bell
Dumb-bell: You're the one who will be going away once were finished with you!

Sonic: Hey R.D. Catch me I- Huh? Rainbow Dash??!
So Sonic  Dashed off backwards only to find Rainbow Dash getting picked on..
Dumb-bell & his gang: Rainbow Crash! Rainbow Crash!
They said as Dashie made a tear
Sonic: Yo...Guys... How about Picking your own size??!
Dumb-bell: Who are you supposed to be? her rat friend? Hahahha!
Sonic: I'd Love to talk guys but ya' know I'm not a guy who you want to pick on...
Now move it or you're in for clobbering.
Dumb-bell tried to buck Sonic in the face multiple times but Sonic kept on Dodging and Dodging.
Sonic: Whatcha' gonna do cry to your mommy?!  -makes crying face-
Dumb-bell: Mommy!
Sonic: I thought so..
Rainbow Dash: You-You stand up for me...
Sonic: No problemo Dash.
He said as Dash hugged him.
Rainbow Dash: Thanks Sonic.
She then broke the hug.
Sonic: Now Dash dont cry to dem' nor do you tell anyone. You need to fight back!
well not Physically  but still do that.
Rainbow Dash: Right!

Fluttershy's Cottage
Tails: And I'm......Done!
Door: Ding! Dong!
Fluttershy: Come in!
Sonic: Hey Fluttershy is Tails here?
Fluttershy: Y-Yes in the Garden..
Sonic: Alright Cool!
Sonic: Hey Tails! Me and Knux are going to find the Emeralds
so we can use it in case there is a problem
Tails: You're right in Time Sonic! just finished my Battle suit!
Knuckles: Alright let's go!
Everfree Forest
Sonic: ...BOO!
Tails: AAAAH!!
Tails: Damnit Sonic!
Sonic: Never gets old!

1 more Chapter until
Once again forgot to put Sunrise/Nema in it
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nemathefox Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
when chap 13 i need to be in it
SonicSlasher12 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
i ran outta ideas i need moore
nemathefox Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ok what about nema/sunrise shadow and sonic want to see the discord state and they start to fight and discord gets out and discords sunrise/nema in her dreams
SonicSlasher12 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
Great Idea! and then strange stuff happens like Chrysalis,Nightmare Moon,Mephiles,Rikuduo and Eggman combine forces and plan to destroy Equestria!
nemathefox Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
great now we need to get an idea for sunrise dream
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