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Sonic the Hedgehog in Equestria SPECIAL (A.K.A SHORT SONDASH MOMENT)
Sonic: Man what a day!
He said as RD was practicing for something

Sonic: Sup RD!
Rainbow Dash: -shocked- Oh uhh Hi Sonic!
Sonic: Was' up!
Rainbow Dash: (Ok how do I do this) Nothing...Nothing at all!
Sonic: Hmm...? Ok then
He said as he walked to the bedroom only to here a little
Rainbow Dash: Wait!
Sonic: (?) Huh?
Rainbow Dash: Well uhh Sonic
Sonic: Hmm?
Rainbow Dash: I want to ask you 3 things
Sonic: What are they?
Rainbow Dash: You like Chili Dogs right?
Sonic: Yup!
Rainbow Dash: And your average speed is the Speed of sound
Sonic: That's Right! I mean who would think it's my top speed?!
Rainbow Dash: and do you have to hots for me?
Sonic:O.O' uhh well
he said scratching the back of his head
Rainbow Dash: Cmon' Spit it out already!
Sonic: Alright Fine. (Well not for marriage no no)
Rainbow Dash: Well I...kinda did too
Sonic then Hugged Dashie
Sonic: Thank you Dash...
Rainbow Dash: You too.
-Dramatic Song-
(Behind the Scenes)
Peter Griffin: bang bang bang bird is the word  don't you know about the word well everyone knows that the bird is the word
Sonic: Did you hire him?
SonicSlasher12: Yup
Sonic: Meh. Cool enough.
(Hey Guys SonicSlasher12 here Im making a New SonicXMLP
movie with the theme being Asian kungfu generation lol
anyways i need ideas)
Sonic + Rainbow Dash Forever son
SonicSlasher12 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012
Guys since this is a Special this wont be posted on groups due to the upcoming hate
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August 2, 2012
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