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                                 Sonic the Hedgehog in Equestria 10
Sweet Apple Acres
It was a Normal day at the Apple family's farm
Knuckles was a Very Big help for them too now it
only took 1 hour to finish.
Knuckles: Wew! just made it!
Applejack: Thanks Knux you are a very big help for us!
Knuckles: No you're the one I should be thanking.
All I did back in my world was help Sonic fight Eggman and Guard
the Master Emerald over there. It felt like my life just ran away from me.
But now I know how It feels to work for something and know the point of
life. Thanks Applejack!
He said as he patted her on the shoulder.
Applejack:  No problem Knux no problem!
Knuckles: Wel'p gotta get ready for Pinkie's Hyperactive Party.
Applejack: yeah  right!

Sugercube Corner
Mr Cake: Pinkie I'm so glad you recovered from your injury!
Mrs. Cake: Me too.
Pinkie: Gee Mr and Mrs. Cake Thank you!

Outside Sugercube Corner
Sonic: awe come on do I have to get half scared to death by Pinkie?!
Shadow: Hmph.. I rather go back to the Library and do my own time.
Applejack: Oh cmon' Shad. It's Pinkie's recovery party!
Rarity: What about Twilight?
Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah!
Sonic: Wait to go Everyone for forgetting Twilight!
Everyone(Except Shadow and Fluttershy): WHAT ABOUT  YOU DIDN'T YOU FORGET ABOUT HER TOO!
Sonic: Uhh...
Rainbow Dash: I thought so.

Inside Sugercube Corner
Pinkie Pie: Guys they're here!
Mrs. Cake: Just in Time! The Cake is ready!
Pinkie Pie: Ok guys! 3...2...1..
*Sonic and friends open door*
Pinkie Pie: SUPRIIISE!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone (Except Shadow): *Laugh*
Sonic: Oh Oh God... I nearly had a heart attack.
Pinkie Pie: Welcome to my Recovery...PARTY!!!!!!!111
Sonic: Does she has a Party for Everything I mean we had like
1..2..3..4! Parties!
Shadow: Sonics Right..Let's get outta here..
Sonic: I didn't mean it like that...What do you do
in your own time anyways?
Shadow: That doesn't Concern you..,
Eggman: Sorry to crash your party! Pinkie.....
Tails: What do you want now?!
Eggman: Your friend, Twilight!
Rainbow Dash: Why do you want Twilight?!
Eggman: Because she contains mass amount of power. So maybe stealing her power
would be great for my creations! Not only Twilight I want but you too Sonic...
Sonic: Me?! Why Me?!
Eggman: Your Dark form would be a Very big help too. Now
where's the Unicorn!?
Rarity: No can do you big evil man!
Eggman: Fine then I'll have to force the information out of you!
Becoe! Release the Egg Scorpion!
*Earth rumble*
Sonic: Alright guys Fight this thing with all of your energy!
Everyone: Right!
Shadow used Chaos Control (Without the Chaos Emerald)
and tried to use Chaos Blast but with no avail
Eggman: That won't be necessary
Shadow: Grrr...
Nema tried to use Chaos  Spear on his weak points but with
no avail too.
Nema: Augh!
Sonic: HAI YA!
Sonic kicked the back part of the Robot while Shadow & Nema
was distracting him.
(Behind the Scenes)
(Shadow: I wasn't Distracting him!
Nema: Yeah!
Sonic: Too bad SonicSlasher12 says you were
Shadow: T_T)
Eggman: Grr you fools!
The Egg Scorpion was Launching Missles and Bullets
Luckily they dodged it.
Rainbow Dash: Give up Bald Egghead!
Eggman: I was just Getting Started! Decoe!
the Chaos Emeralds!
Decoe: Right!
Decoe then put 3 of the Chaos Emeralds in the slots making it more powerful.
Sonic: Rainbow Dash! Steal the Emeralds while we Distract the Scorpion.
Rainbow Dash: Sure thing!
So  Sonic Distracted Eggman giving him a slap in the face few times making
it harder for Sonic to dodge the tricks up his sleeves.
Rainbow Dash: Got them! Aaaah!
Sonic: Dash!
Sonic grabbed the Emeralds that fell on the ground and tried to Save Dash but...
Eggman: See you later you Pests!
Eggman Flee'd the battle going to his base and locking away Rainbow Dash.
Sonic: Dash!! Alright guys were gonna need to Save Dash! Nema you'll be a big help too!
Nema: Why?!
Sonic: I sense your power it is really and I mean really Big!!
you were created by the Chaos Gods right?! and you have cool
Ninja Skillz. Lol...
Nema: yeah but I'm a pony know I don't think I can do it.
Sonic: Don't worry I have a plan *raise eyebrow up and down*
(Behind the Scenes)
(Sonic: isn't it Tails job to do the plans
SonicSlasher12: Well she is your gir- I mean she is your 2nd Best friend right?!
Sonic: you have a point.)
[no description]
kaiamurosesei Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
ok good I think it moved me a little knuckle situation and really wanted to help as applejack
nemathefox Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
great job sonicslather
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