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                      Sonic the Hedgehog in Equestria 09
While Sonic was under the shade of a tree he was thinking about how he
could defeat Rikudou (Yes I know I ripped of Naruto)
without turning Dark.
Sonic: // am I going to do this?
There must be some way... I GOT IT! how about I could maybe control my Dark form?
Wait.. that's a Very high risk I could die processing this but it's worth a shot...//
Sonic: Wel'p might as well see how the others are doin'
hope there not scared of me or something.
So as Sonic went to Twilight's Library
the Ponies were scared and mad at the same time
Sonic: Was' up guys?
Mane 6 (Except Twi and Pinkie since they are unconcious): *Frown at Sonic*
Sonic:*embarrassed smile and scratch  back of head* heheh Why are you all mad
at me??
Fluttershy: *does The Staaaare!* YOU HURT MY FRIENDS I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT
Sonic: //...I never seen Fluttershy like this before??...//
Applejack: Now hold on their partner . As for you Sonic you've got a lot of explaining to do.
Sonic: bu-but guy's
Rarity: Nope. no buts. I'm never making you stylish clothes again!
Sonic: but you never made me clothes.
Rarity: oh right yea BUT STILL!
Applejack: Now why did you hurt Twilight and Pinkie?!
Sonic: ...
Rarity: You gonna answer or not?!
Sonic: ...
Applejack: Answer! Why did you do it!
Sonic: I'm sorry guys...i'd love to explain it but...
I just can't.
(Behind the Scenes)
(Sonic: Why are you making me emotional
SonicSlasher12: I don't know Sonic... I don't Fucking
So he went outta the window and ran as fast as he can to    *shoots myself*
the Everfree forest. (SonicSlasher12: Fuck im hurt of embarassment)
Applejack: Guys...i-i think he's right...
but still...he nearly killed a friend.. i'm gonna have to report him to the Princess.

Dear Princess Celestia,
Hey it's me Applejack well uh Sonic right.. he nearly killed
Twilight and Pinkie and I dont know why but he seems to have
A Dark form but still  that's unacceptable hurting people
who are precious to you.(Me: YEAH MOM AND DAD WHY YOU HURT ME?? RAAAAGE)
So we need to deal with this quickly
                                                              Yours Faithully,
(Behind the Scenes)
(Twilight: And I thought I send the letters....)

Dear Applejack,
                         You are Right Applejack.. We will deal with this shortly.
I'm truly sorry for Twilight and Pinke. But don't worry this should woube dealt
      Your Princess ,
                             Princess Celestia
Applejack: *sigh* Alright guys. might as well go home.
Rarity: I guess
they all nodded in agreement and headed home feeling strange.
Rainbow Dash was there seeing everything they said and did at the side of a window.

Everfree Forest
Royal Guard #1:  HALT!
Sonic: huh?
Princess Celestia: Sonic, your coming with us!
Sonic: Now what's the meaning of this?
Princess Celestia: Our friend here Applejack wrote us a letter saying you
nearly destroyed Twilight and Pinkie. I'm sorry but we are going to have to lock you away since you're a Major! Threat to Equestria.
???: Now Hold on!
Sonic: Dash! what took you so long?
Rainbow Dash: Look guys he is Very innocent!
Princess Celestia: and how do you know?
Rainbow Dash: I was there.. In the whole crime scene. And no.. he didn't
do it for the sake of it. I'm pretty sure you heard this in A.J's letter that he has a dark form.
Not only that but his past too. Guys this is real! Isn't it Sonic?
Sonic:  Yep *sigh*
Princess Celestia:  Well maybe you're right but how do I believe you?
??? &  ???: Because we did too!
Sonic: Nema! Tails!
Nema: we was also there too!
Tails: Yup! R.D's right!
Rainbow Dash: See. We've got evidence!
Princess Celestia:  *sigh* I guess you're right.

Eggman's Base
Eggman: Ok Decoe Becoe! Did you remove the defences and
got the some of the Chaos Emerald's?
Becoe: Yes Dr. We sure did! but remove the defences. well no.
Eggman: Fools!
By the way Is the Egg Scorpion ready?
Becoe: Yes Sir!
Eggman: Good!
Alright Decoe! where is the nearest Chaos Emerald.
Decoe: Canterlot sir!
Eggman: Alright Next Stop Canterlot!

With Sonic
Princess Celestia: Ok its settled I will send a letter
to Applejack. And you Sonic you need to learn
to control your anger.
Sonic: Yes Maam.

Dear Applejack,
                            It seems Sonic has been proven innocent
but still if he goes Dark again Report quickly and we'll lock him away with no regrets.
                                 Your Princess,
                                                                  Princess Celestia
Sweet Apple Acres
Applejack: Yeah. I kind of regretted reporting to Sonic.
I hope this never happens again.

Outskirts of Ponyville (again)
Knuckles: Man, the myths were true.  if Mobius fades its Gone forever.
Oh! Cream are you okay.
Cream: Yes im fine Mr. Knuckels
So they walked to Ponyville
And Knux knocked on Applejack's For a favor (and no it's not what you think)
Knuckles: Hey A.J.
How's it going
Applejack: -blush-yeah im-im fine..
Knuckles: So mind if I ya' know stay here for a little bit. I'm not like that to ask people for homes
but can i?
Applejack: Sure Knux! you can stay but what about her we only have room for you not her.
(SonicSlasher12: MEANIE!)
Fluttershy: maybe y-you can sta-stay with m-me and Tails Whoever you are.
Cream: Im Cream the Rabbit you can call me Cream.
Fluttershy: d-don't worry I-m de-delighted for you to stay.
Cream: Th-thanks.

Shadow: Hmph... got yourselves hurt. Pathetic.
Twilight: S-Shadow you're here.*gets the butterflies* -blush-
(Behind the Scenes)
(Sonic: Woah what's happening here with the Shipping
and stuff?
SonicSlasher12: I DONT FUCKING KNOW!!)
Shadow: Hmm?
Twilight: i-im fine.
Pinkie: Hi Shad! here for the party?
Shadow: What party?
Pinkie: SUPRISE!
Twilight: //'d she recover that quickly?..//
Pinkie: My recovery Party silly!
Cmon' get the ponies LETS PARTY!!
Shadow: Oh boy!
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I know I know I'll try my very best to fit you in it. Say how about a episode all about you?
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